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For many patients, dentures can provide the perfect answer to missing or weakened teeth. However, dentures may not always be the perfect answer for others; in fact, plastic dentures may not be conducive to patients who still want to enjoy harder foods and an active lifestyle without worrying about their teeth.

That’s why Johns Creek Dental Excellence in Johns Creek, GA (also serving the communities of Alpharetta, Roswell, and Milton) is pleased to introduce dental implants: the perfect alternative to traditional dentures. Unlike plastic dentures, which can fall out, break or become lost, dental implants are firmly attached to the gums via titanium screws. This ensures that the new tooth is firmly in place, which means that you can enjoy normal foods and activities.

In fact, many of our patients who have dental implants swear they’re so natural looking, they forget they’re there!

If you want dental implants inside of plastic dentures, it’s important to realize that you’ll need to engage in regular cleanings and check-ups. This ensures that the dental implant remains clean and strong. At Johns Creek Dental Excellence, our friendly and talented dental professionals will walk you through every step of the cleaning process, so you can be sure you’re taking good care of your dental implants.

In addition to cleaning, we’ll also schedule check-ups for your dental implants. This ensures that your dental implants remain strong, healthy, and natural looking.

Perhaps it’s this dedication to our patients’ comfort and satisfaction that has made Johns Creek Dental Excellence the preferred provider of dental services in the greater Johns Creek, GA area.

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