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What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the teeth we get- the last row of molars that come in during many peoples’ late teens and early twenties. Plenty of patients grow in their wisdom teeth with no complications to their health or existing dentition. Many more patients, however, are not so lucky.

Why should my wisdom teeth be removed?

Wisdom teeth become a serious medical complication when they are misaligned. A misaligned wisdom tooth has the potential to to damage not only the tooth next to it, but the existing jawbone as well as nerves within the gums, teeth and face. Even properly aligned wisdom teeth can present health problems- as they break through the soft tissue and gums at the back of the mouth, they create openings for bacteria to infect and grow. Infected gums and mouth are very unpleasant to treat, on top of being swollen and painful!

It’s important to get orofacial x-rays during your regular dental check up and teeth cleaning. Your dental x-rays will let your dentist know about the existing bone structure of your teeth and the state of your wisdom teeth- whether they are properly aligned, misaligned, and/or prone to cause problems for your down the road.

What happens when I get my wisdom teeth removed?

The good news is that wisdom tooth removal is such a common procedure, it will be relatively easy for you and your dentist. This all depends on the current stage of development of your wisdom teeth, however.

Wisdom teeth that are not yet erupted are still embedded in the jawbone underneath your gums. If it appears your wisdom teeth will create complications for you once they start to come in, you may have to have this procedure done before the teeth even erupt. This wisdom tooth removal procedure is more complex than if your wisdom teeth have already come in, but rest assured your dental team at Johns Creek Dental Excellence in Johns Creek is very experienced in both procedures and will provide you with a comfortable, safe experience and a plan for your recovery.