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General Dentist in Johns Creek, GA

Thanks for stopping by the blog of Johns Creek Dental Excellence! We’re proud to be the premier practice for comprehensive dentistry in the Johns Creek and greater Alpharetta area. While you’re here, we’d like to tell you a little bit more about us, our practice, and our mission to serve the Alpharetta and Johns Creek community with great preventative, cosmetic and general dental care.

Our mission at Johns Creek Dental Excellence is to uphold the highest standards of comprehensive dentistry for our patients. Dentistry is our passion, and our doctor and staff have personal commitments to making sure each and every patient is happy, healthy and comfortable during their visit. We’re also passionate about patient education; we want you to feel like you’re in good hands while you’re here, and that means knowing your dental care options and working together to make treatment choices that are right for you. We offer a personalized, consultative approach to comprehensive dentistry, for you and your family.

What is comprehensive dentistry anyway?

The world of dentistry encompasses a lot these days, and you’d be surprised to learn of all the different areas of dentistry practiced by dentists today. Comprehensive dentistry focuses on the wide variety of preventative and general dental care procedures necessary to keep patients in optimal dental and oral health. More and more, comprehensive dentistry, and the dental offices who practice it, is beginning to include cosmetic procedures. Just as dental and oral health are top priorities for every dental patient, so are bright, beautiful smiles.

An important part of comprehensive dentistry is making patients aware of the link between their dental care and their overall health. Most people just don’t know the important link between oral health and total body health. How could they? Dental health doesn’t get as much attention as something like the link between diet and overall health, but the link is a strong one. For instance, did you know that there is a strong link between gum health and heart health? It’s true, patients with poor periodontal health are at increased risk for cardiovascular problems, especially if they are senior.

Our Commitment to Consultative Care

Comprehensive dentistry practices like Johns Creek Dental Excellence focus on preventative care options because they’re essential not just to dental health, but to overall health. When you come to Johns Creek Dental Excellence for a routine teeth cleaning and check up, both Dr. Parsa and your hygienist will give you the status of your current dental and oral health, and let you know if you are at any particular risk for developing other conditions, as well as what you’ll need to care for your teeth in between visits.

While you have a diverse array of treatment options for your dental health, comprehensive and preventative care are a must for any patient. At Johns Creek Dental Excellence in Johns Creek, GA you can trust us to provide you and your family with comprehensive care that takes care of your dental and overall health.

Contact our office now, by calling 770-663-0333, or by setting up your appointment directly from our website. We look forward to seeing you here at Johns Creek Dental Excellence!